The "Ministry" is the "Walk"...

It was The Light, YHWH's Light, that set me free. It was The Light that chased away the darkness and filled me with a new nature. The dark and those filled with it no longer comprehend me! Todah (Thank You) FATHER. For opening my eyes, before grace and mercy turns to judgement and death. Thank you Abba (Daddy) for opening a door and for giving me a spirit that would move to walk through it! HalleluYAH!

Our site (will have) many resources for those hungry to know more about Father YaHuWaH. These are the things that I have studied. These are the things that have led me to YHWH's Light! Take a look around and contact us if you have any questions! Let's talk on the truth of who we are, our Hebrew History, Today's sign of the Times, Our marriages (with Sister Lisa), Redemption, New Birth for Gentiles, Our children, this fallen world and many other topics relevant to our times. Our time is short and there is much work to do, but teaching the Word of our Father is the most important.
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